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Trouble in Reno, NV

I once posted a bail bond on a defendant for $15,000.00 on burglary charges in Reno, NV. He was caught stealing money out of a tavern after hours. The indemnitor on the bail bond was the owner of a restaurant I that ate at on a regular basis. I had met this defendant several times in the restaurant in Reno, NV while I was eating there. The indemnitor on this bail bond didn’t know his friend was an escaped convict from a Utah state prison and wanted by the FBI for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

The defendant failed to show up for court in Reno, NV and when his fingerprints were processed, I was able to find out that this defendant was wanted by the FBI. I went to the defendants last known address in Reno, NV after he had moved out and found some important information about the defendant’s further plans to leave the area and disappear for good. I found a P.O. Box that he used and got access to some of his mail from the Postmaster. I tracked this defendant across the country twice using his credit card statement from two gas cards he had and passed this information onto the bail enforcement agent working this case. The defendant had stored his belongings in a storage locker facility in Reno, NV for a few months while he was traveling across the country. When the defendant came to pick up his property at the storage locker facility the authorities was waiting for him to show up and was arrested and taken into custody on his bail bond case and escape charges from the state of Utah. He was transported back to the county where the bail bond court case was in Reno, NV and was sentenced for that case and I got the bail bond exonerated.

Always know who you’re bailing out.

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