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Bail Out

A bail bond is essentially a written promise signed by a defendant or a surety to pay an amount fixed by a court should the defendant fail to appear in court. Bail bonds is simply one method used to release a defendant from custody but also promises the court that he or she will make all of their court appearances. Long story short, show up to court and you won’t have any problems from us or law enforcement.

If a defendant fails to show up for court, the bail agent is liable for the full amount of the bond. The degree of risk incurred by the bail bondsman more than justifies the bail bond premium which varies from state to state. Bail bond premiums can only be refunded in special circumstances and the risk is usually further secured by a co-signer who is also fully liable for the defendants appearance in court.

Depending on the timing of the initial call, location of where the defendant is being held or the nature of the alleged offense, the bail agent will post the bail bond at the courthouse, county jail, or local police and sheriff’s department. Release times vary depending on the staffing, resources or protocol of each location. Generally speaking, local police and sheriff’s departments are usually release the defendant much quicker than county jails.

Failing to appear for trial will trigger a warrant being issued by the court. At Last Bail Bonds is then generally authorized by statute to arrest the absconded defendant and bring him or her back for criminal proceedings. This is something we never look forward to doing, so be on your best behavior and show up to court. Otherwise, the defendant opens up a can of worms by bringing more heartache, more financial trouble, and will always have to look over their shoulder for rest of their lives. Warrants never go away and it is in the best long-term interest of all parties not breach the bail bond contract and simply show up to all court appearances.

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