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Bail Bond FAQs

1. How long will does it take to get booked and processed?

It varies depending on how busy the respective holding area is at the time the person is being booked. Unfortunately we cannot speed up the booking process in any way.

2. Does At Last Bail Bonds write bonds for all charges and all amounts?

Yes!! At Last Bail Bonds is able to write a bail bond for any crime or offense. Charges can range from minor traffic related offenses to major felony charges, including capital offenses.

3. When is a bail bond exonerated?

As long the defendant has pending court dates, the bail agent is responsible to ensure the defendant shows up for court regardless of the final outcome. Once the last court date has been made, the judge will declare the bail bond exonerated in open court which terminates the bail bond contract and its responsibilities.

4. What are the defendant’s expectations while out on bond?

Basically, stay out of trouble and make your court appearances. Communication is everything. We understand the complexities of life and can accommodate accordingly. If questions arise or emergencies come up, call us and we can work with you to facilitate the defendant’s appearance in court

5. Can I get my bail bond money back?

Not really. The bond fee or premium charged by the agent is considered fully earned at the time of execution. Only in rare cases is the bail bond premium refundable.

Bailing someone out of jail is easier than you think. The hard part for most people is having to pay for this kind of service. Simply follow these six easy steps to get started:

– Have the person’s entire legal name, date of birth, and social security number ready.
– Where are they being held?
– What are the charges?
– What is the amount of bail?
– Have your bond money ready. (15% in Nevada)


If you choose to bail them out, we’ll get the paperwork started right away.

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